Profitability Consulting and Training

Pricing Altitude, LLC is a consulting firm whose mission is to help small and mid-sized companies maximize profits and revenues. We provide our clients the sophistication of profitability optimization that only large companies currently have – at a fraction of the cost.

Why Pricing?

  • Optimizing price will increase profitability much more than increasing sales volume or reducing cost: a 1% price improvement yields on average an 11% profit increase (McKinsey)
  • Pricing changes are much easier to implement than cost reductions or sales volume increases
  • Pricing can make or break a company because it directly influences revenues, profits, growth and brand image
  • Pricing strategy is crucial during an economic downturn – to weather the storm but also to prepare for when the market turns

Pricing has a strategic and a tactical aspect – while the price setting process is critical, what happens at the negotiating table is equally important for the successful implementation of pricing.

We have flexible, comprehensive ways to help our clients achieve their goals. And we have an innovative approach.