We have written several white papers, including (copies available upon request):

  • “Maintaining Profitability: Price vs. Market Share”, August 2007. A lower price may attract additional market share, but will its impact to profit outweigh its advantage? This article takes the guesswork out of the equation by putting the mathematics of pricing at work. It derives formulas that link sales volume, price and profit, as well as their relationship to market elasticity. 
  • “Quantifying Value”, January 2008. Why do customers buy from us? Show me the money! No amount of marketing bullets can have more weight in a sales pitch than showing the customer the impact that your product or service will have to their financials. Value-based pricing is a science, not an art – if you know how to financially quantify value. This article shows practical ways to do precisely that.

We are currently working on a book on practical methodologies for implementing value-based pricing.