Deal Pricing

The Price Negotiation Process

Once standard prices have been developed, we help our clients equip their sales teams with the appropriate knowledge and pricing discipline that will enable them to handle tough negotiations and turn price pressure tactics into discussions about value.

  • Understand the buying behavior of your customers
    – value buyer, relationship buyer, price buyer, poker player?
    Deal with each customer appropriately when it comes to negotiating.
  • Are you dealing with purchasing agents?
    – purchasing agents tactics, hidden decision makers, trump cards
  • Go on a value hunt through simple drill-down conversations
    – then be confident in your prices by understanding value
    – do not lower the price without taking some value away
  • Consider when and how to respond to an RFP. Are your sales people deluged by RFP work with a low closure rate? Discover how to pick your battles – and increase your win rate in bidding processes.
  • Analyze your least profitable customers and determine if price increases are in order.

Final thought: how are your salespeople compensated and incentivized (on revenue? profit? volume? a combination?)