“I enjoyed your presentation very much. I thought I had heard it all on this topic, but your approach is the first time I have seen pricing presented using analysis, thought, treating it as an equation and a process vs. the same old ‘value added’, ‘relationship building’ concepts.”

— Chris Reid, Owner, ACD Enterprises

“Good and professional… No gimmicks… Your presentation offered new insights into pricing.”

— J. L., Partner, Recycling Company

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what we got was very helpful in making strategic decisions about the future of our pricing and staffing.”

— Michael Edwards, Manager, Online Performance Marketing

“Exceeded my expectations… vast knowledge applicable to many markets.”

— Robert W. Green, President, Jiffy Products

“Methodical and disciplined in your approach to developing pricing models for our products and services. Your analysis of the factors that impacted pricing resulted in good commercial marketing recommendations for my go-to-market initiatives.”

— M. G., Marketing Manager, Telecommunications Solutions Provider

“It was a pleasure working with you – very knowledgeable in the project we worked together on, patient and working dilligently, collaboratively to get the project completed – I learned a lot from you. I hope we will cross paths again in the future.”

— H. T., Senior Marketing Manager, Telecom Equipment Vendor